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Abbott was my first show dog. Together, we’ve done much living and loving and a whole lot of learning!

In addition to her obvious sense of humor -- Her darling, sweet, fun temperament makes her such a joy to share everyday with! She’s loves everyone and she was and still is an absolutely amazing mother to her Solstice kids.


Abbott has grown into lovely lady. She has a pretty head and the sweetest of expressions that she will “work you” with all day long!  She is nicely balanced and moves with a lovely sidegait.  Very elegant coming and going; she's got beautiful angles, a very nice forechest (that she has passed on to her pups!), nice shoulder layback and correct tailset.   She moves nicely in the rear and has nice, short hocks. Abbott has a very strong rear drive. 


She is fast, indeed!  In field trials she has also shown a great deal of endurance.  Abbott got her first pheasants at 7 months of age and continues to enjoy spending endless time working her birds! 


For quite a period of time, Miss Abbott had no interest in being shown. Try as a might, I just could not entice her into that game. All of that changed when Fleetwood began being groomed to show. Ah-ha -–Miss Abbott has a competitive streak!

In August 2008, Abbott earned her Int Ch title (International Champion) from IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association), receiving the highest scores of VG-1 under four judges from different countries.  In IABC Sporting Group competition, she received a Group 2 and three Group 3 placements!


In the AKC show ring, before whelping her Solstice litter in June, 2009, Abbott had won Winners Bitch several times, three Best-of-Breeds and two Best-of-Opposite Sex.


Since the debut of her Solstice pups in April, 2010, Abbott has returned to show, adding a Major, another Best-of-Breed and another Best-of-Opposite Sex! She really enjoys sharing the ring with her kids and it gives me such great joy to share the ring with her! She is and always will be my first and best girlfriend. She is my Queen! 



IntCH Set'r Ridge's Prairie Crest Pride

Health Clearances:


OFA BAER Normal ESAA-4086

OFA Hips Good ES-7385G30F-VPI

OFA Elbows NormalEL1544F27-VPI
Bite: Scissors

DOB: 02/04/2005

DOD: 10/07/2016

Sire: 'Emanuel' CH Set'r Ridge's Gold In Platinum, OFA Hips Good, Elbows Normal, Thyroid Normal, BAER Normal

Dam: 'True' Ch Set'r Ridge's The Gospel Truth, OFA Hips Good, BAER Normal

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