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Our Story

My introduction to the "English Setter" began in 1998.  I was first impressed by the ability, endurance and style of the ES "Field" Setter.  Soon after, I was totally, completely captured by the ES "Show" dog.  I feel that they represent an exquisite combination of hunting ability, style, endurance and a remarkable beauty. A "complete package," or a truly "versatile" dog - field & show.  The best part... All of those qualities are encompassed by their incredibly sweet nature. 


At the end of 2004, I was anxiously waiting for my first "show" English Setter puppy to arrive.  She did, and her name is Abbott.  You can read a bit about Abbott on her page in this website. Indeed, I could write volumes about her and the rest of my wonderful four-legged crew!

Primarily what led my desire to actually own an ES - even though I wasn't hunting at the time, nor did I have a clue about the show world, was that they are undeniably a wonderful, intelligent, companion dog with an easy, soft, gentle temperament.  They seem to presume that everyone they meet is their friend.


I continuously evaluate my role in ensuring the welfare, health and betterment of this breed for the generations to come.  All of my dogs are tested, at the appropriate ages, for the genetic diseases that occur in ES.  These tests include: BAER for hearing (around 7-8 weeks of age), Hips and Elbows for dysplasia at 2 years of age, and Thyroid.  I believe that having this information is the only way we have to truly evaluate the outcome of our breeding programs and our commitment to the breed. Most importantly, to not breed dogs affected by disease.


Upon testing, I provide open database authorization for all tests regardlessof the outcome to be publicly posted with Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ( for my dogs or any dogs of my breeding. 


I enjoy both show and field activities with my dogs.  I am a member of the English Setter Association of America.  I am designated an AKC Breeder of Merit. My dogs are an integral part of my life; each of them being an individual I treasure. My dogs always share my home with me.


In the NEWS! section and individual pages of this website, you will find many updates & the current stories of each of my dogs. I hope that in sharing my passion, commitment to and love for these dogs, I have given you an appreciation for the English Setter breed. 

Thank you for visiting us at Prairie Crest! 

~ Lynn Neff 

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