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Our Dogs

In this section, you will find the dogs that live at home with me.  They are definitely house dogs that you can find lounging around the house and are free to roam the yard or pasture.  My dogs are very well socialized, so I've never raised or met one that "needed" to live in a crate.  Each of these dogs are individuals with their own stories.  They live full lives, first as companions which is paramount to the soft English Setter temperament.  Second, they train for show and field work. On their individual pages, or in the NEWS!! section, you will read a lot about their individual personalities, as well as their accomplishments in the show ring.  Indeed, we do have a lot of fun in the show ring, and have been very well awarded.  However, I prefer that they have a balance between the freedom of home life, leisure travels, field training and being on the road for show.  I hope you enjoy their stories!​ 

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