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Prairie Crest's Search For Maggie's Adventure, NA PZ II


Health Clearances:

OFA Hips Good: GWP-4645G27F-VPI

OFA Elbows Normal: GWP-EL1232F27-VPI

OFA Thyroid Normal: GWP-TH857/27F-PI

OFA Eyes Normal: GWP-EYE340/30F-VPI

OFA Cardiac Normal/Clear: GWP-BCA2/30F/C-VPI


CHIC #153312

Bite: Scissors

DOB: 04/15/2018

SIRE: "Odin"    CH Inverness Odin NA

DAM: "Penny"  Blackstar's XPlosive Big Big Theory, JH, NA, UT

Breeder: Don Evanson


I'm still working on my Maggie's page amidst the new hinky web site stuff -- so, more to come for this Magnificent Maggie!!


If I could summarize Maggie's outlook on life as a whole: Talent, Natural Ability, Temperament Performance, Dedication, Style... Maggie would say: " What's the game coach? I DO!" She's a ridiculously in-tune, talented, brilliant girl. And, always so happy. Whatever she's doing, that tail doesn't quit a wag unless she's on point.


Maggie is my first "very own" GWP. I've always been fortunate to have a "good eye" for soundness and breed standard. Well, I couldn't have picked better than Maggie! I knew her potential. Many thanks to her GWP momma "Penny" for saying, here Mom, this really special one is for you.

Maggie is a proven versatile, talented, natural hunter in the field. With only a handful of field sessions, she came very, very close to an NAVHDA NA PZ 1. Always eager and willing to learn the next job, or game. Her brilliance makes for quick success. Maggie is that dog that just looks at you as if to ask "What's Next?" "Put me in coach!"

Maggie's first AKC show ring debut, in 2019, was from the 4-6 month Sporting Group. This was her very first time on lead, or in the ring. It was a large group and from the impressive line-up, I could hear handlers, behind us, talking their training language to their pups. Yep, Maggie hadn't had any training, at all. Maggie won the Sporting Group! In only a few more showings in 2019, Maggie always so exuberant, was always awarded RWB. While we had lots of shows planned for 2020 - we all know how that went, for all of us! 

Having a definite "On/Off Switch", is one of the things that makes Maggie a perfect house dog and companion. We joke that she is "Setterized", having been raised by English Setters, because she is so low key and calm -- unless it's time to work! Then, it's GO!! In any case, her temperament is always sweet. Her level of energy always appropriate to home or field.

Another inherent talent of Maggie's is that she is a marvelous "care-taker". She's so aware of and caring for those around her. Big, small, young, old. A. natural at being a surrogate momma, or caring for rescues that periodically find their way to us. Maggie just turned 3 on 4/5/2021 and while it may be a great Conformation Show year, Mag probably not be in the ring until Fall, 2021. She'll be a bit busy training her kids! She's trained a few that weren't even hers. That's my sweet, brilliant girl -- MAGGIE!

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